David Byrd for State Representative
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Why am I running?  District 71 is in need of several changes in education!

My education experience (teacher, coach, and principal for thirty-three years) has provided me the background and the tools to improve education in our communities.  I have voiced my concerns about these changes to State Representatives and State Senators.  All have agreed that these issues need to be addressed but their actions have proven that education is not very high on their priority list.  Some of these concerns included:

  1. "Common Core" Standards.  Curriculum standards should be adopted by state and local districts and not from Washington, D.C.  These standards were never tested or piloted and were never approved by Congress, State Legislators, or Local Boards of Education.
  2. State Testing.  Local Boards of Education should decide on what subjects and grades need to be tested.  Our students are being tested to death, and teachers are so frustrated because all they have time to do is teach to the test and fill out endless paperwork.
  3. GED Inequity.  If a GED is supposed to be equivalent to a high school diploma and is recognized by colleges and business as such, why does its completion not count toward our graduation rates?
  4. Graduation Rate Fairness.  We are mandated to attend to students with Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome and other severe handicaps.  These students do not receive a regular high school diploma.  Yet, their failure to achieve this diploma is counted as if they were enrolled but did not  graduate.